Thursday, 21 April 2016

Help Kitty Kingdom

Are you loves cats? If that were so sure would love to play Kitty chanban Kingdom. Kittens accidentally broke the orb gives light to the kingdom. And now they are scattered across the land. The King, their father, seeking your help to bring the kitten to the castle and to help restore the sphere to its original state.

you can choose between two characters when you play: you can be loyal Luca was intense as he is friendly and he was also the protector of the cat kingdom; or you can choose to be Pretty dancer Mimi is a charming man and always the center of attention because of her soft motion. Loyal Luca is quick and powerful feet while Pretty Mimi has a special skill of dancing couple. Kitty Kingdom is an adventure about cats. Exist twelve kittens savings level and bring the light of their Kingdom.

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