Thursday, 26 May 2016

Johnny Upgrade

Meet Johnny Upgrade, superhero cartoons with famous vague statement that he has no superpowers at all - at least at first! By continuously collecting coins and increased powers of Johnny, you can turn him from a hapless guy in a jumpsuit does not fit into a superhero that saves the world! Johnny Upgrade is a great pleasure and attractive platform game for kids, teens and adults, where you have to slowly but surely increasing and upgrading of Johnny super powers so he could navigate the work his way through a platform level labyrinth and defeat a large boss character is threatening to destroy Mother Earth!

Arcade action game simple, innovative and addicting This requires great patience, determination stalking, and a whole lot of trial and error as you build the skills of Johnny from the beginning (the member, he can not even jump to the beginning of the game). Luckily for you, there is a good skill drop door "at the beck and call", where you can improve motor skills of Johnny, firepower, time management, health, and much more! Are you ready to start this challenging project? It is time to turn this guy from a simple no - hoper superhero lore with the hopes of the whole world on his shoulders! Happy upgrading!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Play Pick & Dig Game - Fun Arcade Action Puzzler

Pick & Dig is a challenging game extremely dramatic, logic - based, This game has 36 levels to answer the puzzle is available, where you have to be very careful guidance Pink past Pedro dangerous mines and a variety of levels based on the use of tools such as pickaxes, shovels, ladders, and other mining equipment. As a large egg-shaped creatures, Pedro can not dance, so he needs to gain access to the ledge and exit doors by knocking down obstacles with a hoe, dig soil using a shovel, and climbing over ladders.

Skills / strategies needed: In the game to solve the problem this weird, combining analytical thinking skills with technical know-how creative as you work to find a solution that led Pedro Entrance Exit at each level. A good strategy is to be patient and take your time - Try logically and methodically break down what you need to do step by step to get Pedro where he needs to go. Trial and error (learning from your mistakes) is a very important factor in this fun game.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Final Ninja

Do you have the skills to be able to become the greatest ninja of all time? Ninja is an informal online addicting platformer game where you control the Ninja Takeshi in his quest to defeat his enemy Akuma vom-. This slippery adventure game offers you hours of fast-paced action platformer with great graphics and stunning acrobatics. Perform stunts super slick ninja as you swing through each level on your wireless Ninja. You have to find your way through each level by any means necessary - flying, jumping, running, bouncing and swinging.

This arcade game will really acrobatic skills and test your reflexes as you maneuver the little ninja through obstacles and enemies around. Accuracy is also essential that you have to shoot your enemies Ninja stars to remove them. You also need to have a strategic brain plot your route through each level. Have you got what it takes to become an elite fighter that true? Only one way to find out! Let's go!