Monday, 11 April 2016

Earn To Die 2013: Zombies Strike Again

After two versions of the best zombies games, here comes Earn To Die 2013, even stronger, with more challenge, and some brand new features. The goal is the same: to escape from zombies and reach a safe place. This time your hero is try in to reach the military base, where he will be protected from zombies. A new feature means that every level offers a certain type of car. in the earlier versions you had to earn money to buy better cars, but here it’s not the case. There will be a Fire truck, which has the same power as a school bus in the previous games.
Red truck is a little bit stronger, and you get it in the second level. And the third level unlocks a Military transport truck which is the strongest of all. You will also be equipped with some weapons to kill zombies on you way. play and have fun at.

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