Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fighting Man

One of the kung fu fighting game Stickman best ever: Get ready for an exciting and spectacular martial arts Battle Royale in surprising surroundings of a office desk space daily!

Fight Man is a fighting game Stickman awesomely - addicting and unpredictable, brilliantly located in one of the most unsuitable of this region - on the desk in front of a boring old computer! You must be punched, kicked, rotate, and karate cut your way through hordes of enemies using stickmen purple stunning martial arts skills. The Boss Man was waiting on the top shelf of the table, but you must pass the minions at his talent before you have a chance for a shot at the title! Smack, bang, Wallop - this is really soothing gameplay at its best!

Reminiscent of hand - to-hand fighting game classic Streets of Rage and as Electricman, virtual combat operation requires reflection retro keyboard - exploiting fast, and combat abilities to pick out enemies you, one-by - one. Go on a comprehensive attack can not be the best idea against many competitors; you must have a smart strategy in attacking and defending. Acrobatic your stickman likely some karate and kung fu moves really great style, but you need to skillfully and carefully if you want to be Top Shelf literally. Let's show those wannabes purple stickman really a Master of Arts!

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