Thursday, 28 July 2016


It's shark season; move the fins!
Navigate a hungry Great Shark and rip you apart everything in sight SEA! took medals for the most hungry predators and angriest! Slipping through the dark murky waters and the search of prey; dolphins, fish, and ancient monsters. Over and above in the sun and hunters, swimming, fishing, and beach-goers innocent. boats and ships are attacked sudden glance your ocean! The struggle for survival is a brutality.

Compete with other sharks and sea monsters in the multiplayer mode to achieve maximum points.
Customize your shark to reflect the cruelty of it. Most importantly: eat your bloodthirsty appetite. features:

- Unique online multiplayer features
- Realistic environment beach
- Many quests packed with sensational stories of hunting
- Multiple interfaces for your to choose
- Smooth, easy and addictive gameplay with joystick author
- Real water physics, the cool shark movements, and animation of the sea life
- exquisitely beautiful graphics in 3D, including the beach, the harbor, and the sea extended
- Awesome pictures, sound effects, and camera angles
- call your instincts: swimming toward DANGER!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tracky Train

Woo Woo! All aboard!
Get on board of the most thrilling train Play Store!

Lay track to stay ahead of the speeding train. Please move or ship will catch up to you and CRASH! Stay ahead by ensuring the boat picked up the passengers waiting at the station and stopped to drop them off.

- Travel through 5 colorful environments.
- Lay down the tracks for the train to run on.
- Operate the motor and shipped 12 different types.
- Collect coins to upgrade and unlock new trains.
- Collect over 100 prestigious passengers.
- Swipe controls handcar to stay ahead of the speeding train.
- Non-stop! Woo Woo!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

The official game of the most popular football: Football Manager Online.
If you really like the kind of football game, you'll play the game Football Manager Online. Choose your favorite team, select the play diagram, decide your tactics and compete with friends!

* Really a quality football game 5 stars
* There were over 4 million players worldwide and the number is still rising sharply
* An exciting experience for all those who love football!

Determine whether playing diagram fits your team, or buy players fit squad your favorite. Ensure that your players are playing in their best position and win the championship!


- Making the scheme or change the game, the military component and your tactics
- Buy and sell players
- Check your match results with detailed statistics about the game
- The interface is extremely simple and easy to learn
- Summary of the Match clear, season schedules, standings and much more
- Expansion of the stadium
- Play together with a friend Rating!
- Choose captain and kick;
- See the transfer list with the best players from around the world
- Camping coaching and training plans secret
- Hire coaches and doctors to train and treat your players.
- Hiring spies to find out the situation of opponents

You may wonder whether this game completely free or not. Fortunately, this is the game is completely free! You can play the game Football Manager Online Free as long as you like. So do not hesitate and install this app now!

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