Thursday, 28 April 2016

Armed With Wings Culmination

Armed With Wings peak is a platform action game fencing for youth, where you play the role of "Armed With Wings" in the final stages of their fate - that is to kill the evil tyrant king Vandheer Lorde - the one who killed his rebel army. This last part of the Armed With Wings series of games is an adventure dark and murky with some super slick move swords, great tactical combat and extremely chaotic action. It's a rich gaming experience and unforgettable - hours upon hours of fun and entertainment addicting! Enjoy!

There are two game modes (Easy and Hard). The game is quite simple - either to attack or avoid enemies and obstacles. Try and achieve your goals Shinning end of each level. There is less environmental puzzles in the game before, so in that respect, Armed With Wings culminating easier to play; There has been a clear shift from puzzle solving to fight. This move can be a bit daunting at first but once you get the hang of them, you stand seamlessly through the landscape this elegant and simple - destroy enemy forces with the grace of an evil assassin true master. The beauty of the game is the same as previous versions - monochromatic backgrounds sleek, glossy characters and animation campaign.

Ok, time has finally come, brave warriors. Each member of your dead rebels. You are the last person standing. The evil king now finally within your reach. This is the last journey to fulfill his friend's fate. This is the result of all your efforts - what you've longed for all these years! You have 15 levels of fast speed to storm your way through and countless fighter elite enemy to kill. Armed With Wings Ok, now is your chance to make Vandheer Lorde in style!

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