Thursday, 28 July 2016


It's shark season; move the fins!
Navigate a hungry Great Shark and rip you apart everything in sight SEA! took medals for the most hungry predators and angriest! Slipping through the dark murky waters and the search of prey; dolphins, fish, and ancient monsters. Over and above in the sun and hunters, swimming, fishing, and beach-goers innocent. boats and ships are attacked sudden glance your ocean! The struggle for survival is a brutality.

Compete with other sharks and sea monsters in the multiplayer mode to achieve maximum points.
Customize your shark to reflect the cruelty of it. Most importantly: eat your bloodthirsty appetite. features:

- Unique online multiplayer features
- Realistic environment beach
- Many quests packed with sensational stories of hunting
- Multiple interfaces for your to choose
- Smooth, easy and addictive gameplay with joystick author
- Real water physics, the cool shark movements, and animation of the sea life
- exquisitely beautiful graphics in 3D, including the beach, the harbor, and the sea extended
- Awesome pictures, sound effects, and camera angles
- call your instincts: swimming toward DANGER!

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