Wednesday, 8 June 2016

AsterBlast Asteroid Game

Asteroids Blaster is a game of survival of high octane, space-based missile where you must pilot a spaceship through a retro dangerous asteroid field, and survive as long as possible! Equipped with a powerful laser, you can choose to blast your way through asteroid is coming or carefully try to avoid their skills using the mouse scroll expert! This classic arcade-style 80 flash games really test your quick response and coordinate hand - eye and observation skills to the maximum. giant space rocks flying at you from all angles, so you need to be totally on your toes to pull off a vital moves daring! Hyperspace is waiting! Wish our luck!

How to play: imitating your spaceship (after) the movement of the mouse cursor of your computer. Keep your spaceship 'play' for as long as you possibly can! To do this, you must avoid falling into the asteroid, and make sure your rocket does not run out of gas.

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